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My name is Summer Anne. I work at BuzzFeed, draw pictures of baseball players, and listen to a lot of old music. I'm also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, duh.

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Here’s a picture I drew about baseball last night.

This is what happens when I can’t sleep and I want to draw something other than a baseball player: daydreams about being Nicki Minaj.

WOW. I just stumbled upon the work of Feg Murray while looking up pictures of Kiki Cuyler on google image search. I am blown away. I was just telling Lei-Leen yesterday about how I wish I was born 80 years earlier so I could have been a newspaper comic artist, which is what I really feel like Every Hall of Famer is at it’s heart. And then today, I find this. Feg was primarily known for his “Seeing Stars” series, which featured Hollywood celebrities in a format similar to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. I can’t find much more info on these baseball drawings, but I am so inspired right now! I just want to draw for days.

mattias adolfsson. his whole website is full of gems.

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all i ever put in my sketchbook is gpoys and love letters to my cat.

I love you, Hope Solo.

A drawing I made about soccer and space.

Here’s a commission I did of Johnny Cooney, in the style of Every Hall of Famer.

I just found this comic I drew a couple years ago.

A new project for a new year. Among others. I’m going to be drawing each of the 293 members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame (in chronological order, naturally). Follow me! And I made a facebook fan page for the project where I’ll be posting some fun, random Hall of Fame / baseball stuff in addition to the blog feed, if you’re into that sort of thing.


This is a piece I did for an art show that never happened.

It is for sale (ronnythebear at gmail dot com). Sold! :)

If today was not a crooked highway,
If tonight was not a crooked trail,
If tomorrow wasn’t such a long time,
Then lonesome would mean nothing to you at all.

Drawing Kanye. What else would I be doing at 3 in the morning after the weirdest Thanksgiving ever?

stephin-merritt-of-my-heart. a sketchy version as practice for the series of antiheroes i’ve been working on.

30 Drawings Challenge, 24: A favorite childhood memory.

So far behind. Plan to finish this week though, and then we’ll move on to previews of my baseball zine in progress!!

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Spent my afternoon trying to draw Kanye West. This one is officially stamped rejected: his hands are too small, his shirt looks weird, and I don’t like the yellow background. But it’s a start.

30 Drawings Challenge, 23: Something in front of me.

This prompt just didn’t inspire me, but I wanted to get it over with. I only have a few more drawings to do before I’m done with this little exercise. I want to finish, but a big part of me is pissed that numbers 24-30 aren’t “Ron Artest, Ron Artest, Ron Artest, Ron Artest, Ron Artest, and Ron Artest.” Oh well.

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