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WOW. I just stumbled upon the work of Feg Murray while looking up pictures of Kiki Cuyler on google image search. I am blown away. I was just telling Lei-Leen yesterday about how I wish I was born 80 years earlier so I could have been a newspaper comic artist, which is what I really feel like Every Hall of Famer is at it’s heart. And then today, I find this. Feg was primarily known for his “Seeing Stars” series, which featured Hollywood celebrities in a format similar to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. I can’t find much more info on these baseball drawings, but I am so inspired right now! I just want to draw for days.

my valentine for bill can be yours if you like.

Guys, I think I just stumbled upon the lord and savior of "unnecessary" quotation marks while reading the comments on this cute picture James Franco just tweeted.

"BONUS": Excerpts from her facebook profile:




watercolor and the contents of my heart, on 300 gram paper and shit.

So, I’ve been thinking about Kanye a lot since the Runaway video came out. And my lovely friend Jennifer and I have started debating about him often, which started when I posted the video on facebook and she said it was “awful,” and continued from there. She is a huge fan of Lady Gaga, which makes it easy for me to argue about the idea that the problem with Kanye is that he’s “self important,” but the debate has evolved into something much bigger. She had never seen the “George Bush hates black people” clip, which I was trying to hold up in a discussion as an example of a time when Kanye’s tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve and put his foot in his mouth at the same time (what an image… ideas…) was actually put to wonderful use instead of the flip side (like the TS debacle). So I posted it on her wall.

But she didn’t like that clip either, and a facebook debate was born. One of the things I said was about how I’m only interested in people who are deeply flawed, because “perfect people are boring,” and my friend Kester said something pretty true, and also kind of calling me out, about how we don’t actually like those people because of their flaws, we like them because of their struggle to be better than their flaws. Which I agree with. But then the discussion also turned to West’s lyrics, which to me is a completely different argument entirely, and I summed up my feelings about that argument thusly: 

As for his lyrics, I don’t really think of them the way that you guys seem to. I see most rappers like Kanye as fiction writers who use an intentionally, intensely exaggerated version of themselves as a first person narrator when they rap. I don’t see Eminem’s Slim Shady stuff as being a representation of who he is as a person or a dad anymore than I see “Westfall” as a representation of who Will Sheff is as a dude. There’s nothing that says that the things that Kanye says in his songs are a literal reflection of his actual feelings about life and the universe. Most of his lyrics, truth be told, aren’t even deep — they’re just clever. In other words, he’s joking. Sometimes they’re good jokes and sometimes they’re not, but I can’t really hate him for the latter given the company I keep and how many shitty “your mom” jokes I hear every day. It guess it’s funny to say this in a comment this long and thought out, but: maybe you’re taking his songs too seriously?

And on the “let’s hear it for the douchebags” line, I do think it’s self-aware — but in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. I think it has more to do with his perception of his reputation than it does an actual viewpoint he’s espousing about being a douchebag.

Here’s the key thing I feel like is different from my perception of Kanye West and Jennifer’s: I think he’s playing a character most of the time. And I don’t think that makes him a douchebag anymore than Gaga doing the same thing makes her one. It’s basically a life-as-performance-art, and it’s what MOST giant pop stars do these days. It just so happens that Kanye’s character is ostentatious, egotistical, and lavish. I don’t think he’s actually spending more money than other pop stars, he’s just making it obvious.

But the other thing is that underneath that character, I think Kanye is a pretty sad dude. I think he’s probably bipolar. He’s admitted that he thought about killing himself after his mom died in 2007 and that doesn’t surprise me at all. I think he basically covers up for the fact that he’s kind of lonely and overwhelmed by being this insanely grandiose figure in the public eye. When I listen to Runaway, I hear a song that’s at once clever and tongue in cheek, but is also, at it’s heart, about self-loathing. I actually cringe over how much I can relate to that song when he says “you’ve been putting up with my shit for way too long.”

And both sides of the Kanye coin fascinate me to no end, because I see him/it as a microcosm of so many different aspects of celebrity culture and hip hop and, well, just being a person. If he’s a waste of my time, and he might be, I think everything else is too.

Snooki And Her Seahorse

This watercolor sensation will be up for raffle at my friend Jen’s ‘art party’ this Friday night. If you were in Austin, you could come and you might be able to win it, or if you don’t really like Snooki or seahorses (who are you?), another piece by another great local artist. Last year I won these two paintings of the parents from Better Off Dead dressed up for Christmas and they are among my prized possessions. 

I don’t know why Snooks is on the seahorse, in case you were wondering. It just felt right. I’m an artist, remember?

30 Drawings Challenge, 20: An imaginary friend

Mondo Guerra, who is a real person, but isn’t my friend. I imagine that he is, and when I do that he makes me really happy. When I remember that he’s a contestant on Project Runway and that the chances of me ever meeting him, much less becoming his friend, are slim to none, my heart hurts a little. I’m being serious. You should see him and the outfits he wears every day. He is a little ray of sunshine.

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30 Drawings Challenge, 19: Someone I idolize

Miranda July.

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Kate asked who we would play us in the movie — not just based on looks, mind you — and this was my answer:

Honestly the only person in 100 years of movies that I think could pull off my particular paradoxes: clumsy as hell but still a good dancer, super crass and super naive, physically scrappy and emotionally ludicrously fragile. She’s obviously much more stunning than I am, but if I wore that much makeup and clothes that pretty every day I could maybe pass, so I imagine the vice-versa might work too.

30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 15: Someone I have a crush on

Paul McCartney. Always been and will be a Paul girl, which I think is probably pretty obvious. My mom was too. There are so many things about Paul physically that I find myself attracted to over and over again throughout my life: heavy eyelids, sporadic beard growing, hair that always seems to need a haircut, that pouty skinny mouth, and, of course, baby face. That doesn’t even cover the sensitive heart and the beautiful voice. I briefly entertained one of my more obsessive crushes on a stranger simply cause the poor boy looked like McCartney’s long lost doppleganger. I think most girls have a crush on a Beatle and it’s easy to make sweeping, silly generalizations about them because of it — and maybe it would make me seem smarter and more thoughtful is I was a John or George girl — but let’s face facts here: Paul’s the cutest one. He just is.

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A shitty Photobooth picture of a shitty drawing/draft of what is soon to be a TOTALLY AWESOME painting of Snooki riding on a seahorse. Yes? Yes!

30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 6: Something from a favorite TV show.

Ms. Joan Holloway of Mad Men. I tried to draw Omar but it didn’t come out as well.

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I love the internets.

Have loved this dude for a long time, and I have to say this pleases me.

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