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My name is Summer Anne. I work at BuzzFeed, draw pictures of baseball players, and listen to a lot of old music. I'm also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, duh.

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all i ever put in my sketchbook is gpoys and love letters to my cat.

Life at our house.


things like this make me really glad i exchange so many emails with my parents

(via my dad)

30 Drawings Challenge, 24: A favorite childhood memory.

So far behind. Plan to finish this week though, and then we’ll move on to previews of my baseball zine in progress!!

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Snooki And Her Seahorse

This watercolor sensation will be up for raffle at my friend Jen’s ‘art party’ this Friday night. If you were in Austin, you could come and you might be able to win it, or if you don’t really like Snooki or seahorses (who are you?), another piece by another great local artist. Last year I won these two paintings of the parents from Better Off Dead dressed up for Christmas and they are among my prized possessions. 

I don’t know why Snooks is on the seahorse, in case you were wondering. It just felt right. I’m an artist, remember?

30 Drawings Challenge, 21: An animal that doesn’t exist.


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A sloth and a bat, just hanging out. I LOVE THIS. I want this to be a TV show. Or a movie. Or something. I need more. It’s like adorable heroin. Thanks to scienceman Ryan Haupt for sending it my way.


30 Day Drawings Challenge, Day 18: A pet

Not my pet though. It’s Sherman! He belongs to Larissa and Braedyn. Here’s a picture of him wearing a scarf: 

i said buuurrrr it's cold in here

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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 9: My favorite animal

There’s this silly game that Shawn introduced me and Mandy to a few years ago where you ask someone to name three adjectives to describe their favorite animal and a few other things (coffee, the ocean…) and the adjectives correspond to their supposed true feelings about other secret things, such as themselves, sex, and their significant others. The three adjectives I would use to describe a sloth would be “content, lazy, and adorable” and that supposedly corresponds to what I think of my boyfriend, which I think is actually quite accurate.

Boy do I love sloths, guys.

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Here’s the flier I made for my softball league’s end of the season party!

The brilliant Brian Coldrick's sloth, Hoffman, 'enjoying some music.' 

Inspiration for my future sloth tattoo.

30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 7: Illustrate a favorite song.

A picture illustrating one of the most poignant and pretty lyrics in my music collection, “the elephants are so ashamed of their size / hosing them down, I tell ‘em ‘you got pretty eyes.’” The song is called Pretty Eyes and it is the Silver Jews aka David Berman aka my heart parts afire.

I am running two days late now. Sorry. Life happens, except by life I mean working and sleeping too much. Expect too many today, or maybe tomorrow. ALSO I went back and replaced the last several days of shitty cameraphone pictures with real scans, if anyone cares to peruse the last few days worth at a better quality.

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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 4: A favorite character from literature.

A day late (I drew it on the right day but I forgot to post it, so there will be another drawing later for Day 5) and another crappy phone shot of my sketchbook. Maybe I should start toting my scanner around with me as well as my laptop and drawing supplies. Or not. I’ll fix it with a nice scan later on.

Anyway, this is what Seymour Glass looks like inside my head thanks to Buddy’s very detailed description in “Seymour: An Introduction,” which is my favorite Salinger whatever that makes me. I am in love with him of course and always have been, and I hope he’s never ever ruined by some stupid movie.

The sloppy geometric pencil lines surrounding him were a good idea in my head, like some kind of hint at his enlightenment, but they look like a mistake. I might actually paint him someday, his whole self with his ‘beautiful hands’ and the feet he wanted to hide, maybe in his bathrobe on the beach the day of his suicide, and maybe the shapes behind him would be bright beautiful golds and silvers and then you’d see what I was actually trying to get at.

Despite all of that nonesense, I think this drawing project has been good for me so far.

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