Summer Anne’s Best 125 Songs of the 2000s: #72

"The Queen of England" by The Mendoza Line

Read the introduction for details on my criteria.

No video, but you can listen to the full track at lastfm.

The Mendoza Line was this really good band named after a sabermetrics term (one of my favorite band names of all time) and I never understood why they never got popular, and then they broke up (doubly: the married couple that fronted the band got divorced and the band broke up in their wake, unable or unwilling to pull off a Jack and Meg White arrangement).

This is my favorite song of theirs. It is the rare antidote to all the sweet but unrealistic songs about relationships we all listen to all the time. The narrator details stringing someone along startlingly but realistically:

So I said I wanted you
But I didn’t mean it
I just liked to see if
I could say those things
And look you in the eye.