Summer Anne’s Best 125 Songs Of The 2000s: #122

#122: “Sing Songs Along” by Tilly and the Wall

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My peers can be real jerks. People in their twenties are so concerned with being “cool” and “funny” that being “nice” is generally a detriment. You build yourself up by tearing other people down. You start a blog where you post pictures of poor, obese people at Wal-Mart and everyone laughs at them and pats you on the back for being so clever. You’re a hipster and all you care about is trends, cocaine, and making out — or if you’re not a hipster, all you care about is making sure that everyone knows how much you hate hipsters and aren’t one.

Tilly and the Wall takes a different approach. They are brave. They wear pastel sweaters. They actually show enthusiasm for things other than themselves. They tap dance and clap their hands. They even stay and watch the bands that play after them and dance among the teenagers in the front row. They encourage their adolescent fans to bring balloons and confetti to their shows. It doesn’t bother them one bit that there are plenty of supposedly cool grownups out there who call their act “novelty” or “childish.” They know they’re grown-ups, but they also know they’re having more fun than the rest of us.

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